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"These are the best toasted pecans on the planet. My family devoured them at our Thanksgiving celebration. Everyone loved them. Sent some to the best customers of my business."

STILL SO DELICIOUS Wearing 70 plus years in business gracefully, Tennessee Valley Pecan Co. is the choice of Southern kitchens everywhere.


Is your team growing weary of using the same fundraiser every year?  You could actually be hurting your organization because trying to sell the same item to the same people each year can really cause "fundraiser fatigue."

Don't fret, because pecans from Tennessee Valley Pecan Co. can raise big bucks for your organization! The nuts practically sell themselves, and we offer many different flavors and varieties to keep "fundraiser fatigue" at bay.

Call 1-855-353-1880 today and let us help you 'go nuts' with your next fundraising campaign!